Thursday, October 6, 2011


ANTIVIRAL drugs are:
A             Acyclovir                         | in herpes infection except
N             Nevirapine & Nelfinavir       | Nevirapine & Nelfinavir
T              Trifluridine                       | which are used in HIV
I               Idoxuridine                      | infection
V             Vidarabine                       |

I               Indinavir                          | Protease                         |
R             Ritonavir                          | inhibitors                         |
                                                                                             | in HIV
                                                                                             | infection
A             AZT or Zidovidine              | Reverse transcriptase     |
L              Lamivudine                      | inhibitors                         |

Ribavirin is used in Respiratory syncytial virus infection
Amantadine is used in influenza-A infection


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